Sunday Services

English Sunday Service 12:00 pm

Children Worship 11:45 am (Temporarily suspended because of COVID-19)

Chinese (Mandarin&Cantonese) Sunday Service 9:45 am

Chinese (Cantonese only) Sunday Service 1:15 pm (*at Gospel Plaza)

Sunday Schools

Adult Sunday School (Mandarin) 11:45 am

Adult Sunday School (Cantonese) 11:45 am

Adult Sunday School (English) 10:30 am

Children Sunday School (English/Chinese) 10:30 am

Adult Sunday School (Cantonese) 2:30 pm (*at Gospel Plaza)

Prayer Meeting & Bible Study

Chinese Prayer Meeting & Bible Study Saturday 7:30 pm

English Prayer Meeting 1st & 3rd Tuesday 7:30 pm


Emmanuel Fellowship (for Adults, Cantonese) 3rd Saturday 3:45 pm

Timothy Fellowship (for Adults, Mandarin) 2nd & 4th Sunday 1:15 pm

Sister Fellowship (for Adults, Cantonese & Mandarin) 1st Sunday 2:00 pm

Faith Fellowship (for Students, English) 2nd, 4th & 5th Sunday 10:30 am

Jireh Fellowship (for Working Adults) 1st & 3rd Sunday 4:00 pm (*at Gospel Plaza)

Special Event

Golden Age Community Fair (for Retirees, Cantonese & Mandarin) 1st Friday 10:00 am - 1:30 pm Apr - Dec only (Temporarily suspended because of COVID-19)

Includes activities like Hymn Sharing, Bible Sharing, Devotional Sharing, Prayer, Topic Discussions, Aerobics, Calligraphy, Lunch, and other fun activities